In addition to grants, the Office for Animal Care and Use (OACU) also reviews Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and Sponsored Research Agreements from the Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) that involve animal research.

Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) Verification Process: After an initial review, questions may be sent to the investigator for clarification (e.g., Are there any known adverse phenotypes for this particular strain? Will you be breeding these animals? Please indicate the exact procedures the animal/material will be needed for. Will these compounds be used in vitro or in vivo?). If all of the procedures/compounds are approved in the Animal Use Protocol (AUP), the OACU will notify IPIRA and the Principal Investigator (PI). If inconsistencies are found, the investigator must revise the AUP to include the missing procedures/compounds. As soon as these procedures are approved, IPIRA and the PI will be notified.

Live Animals:

  • If live animals need to be procured, please contact Office for Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC) at 642-9232 for the mailing address, information on housing space and quarantine procedures, as well as forms for shipping requests, transfers, and animal purchase/acquisition.

Cells (excluding stem cells):

  • If cells need to be procured and will be introduced into live animals, please contact Office for Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC) at 642-9232 to discuss biological testing of the cells for adventitious agents prior to administration into animals.


Proprietary Compounds:

  • If proprietary compounds need to be procured and are not already included in the AUP, a revision must be done to include them. If certain details cannot be divulged, please contact Lynne Hollyer at or 642-5758 to draft a non-disclosure agreement for these compounds.