Are You New to UC Berkeley?


Because initiating animal research at the University of California (UC), Berkeley can feel overwhelming as a new investigator coming to campus, the information below provides basic information of where to start the process.

The first steps to using animals in research or classes are:

  1. Contact both the Office of Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC) and the Office of Animal Care and Use (OACU) to let us know that you are here!
  2. Submit an Animal Use Protocol (AUP)
  3. Obtain approval by the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC).

Before submitting your AUP

  • Discuss the following with the Office of Laboratory Animal Care (OLAC) veterinarians:
    • Your procedures and projects using animals
    • Animal acquisition, purchase, transport and quarantine procedures
    • Availability of housing and procedure space
    • Access to the animal facilities
  • Contact the Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) to:
    • Review use of hazardous agents, chemicals, toxic gasses, controlled substances, radioisotopes, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation-producing sources/machines, lasers, etc. in your animal research.
    • Complete and submit the appropriate forms, e.g., Biological Use Authorizations (BUAs), Radiation Use Authorization (RUAs) (required prior to ACUC approval).
    • Obtain approval by the appropriate EH&S committees or safety specialists to use specific drugs, chemicals, radioisotopes, radiation-producing machines, lasers, etc.
    • Learn about laboratory safety and training requirements. Find out about laboratory safety requirements and training.
  • Contact the Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Committee:
    • If you plan to use human embryonic or adult stem cells
    • Submit a Stem Cell Research Protocol application and obtain SCRO Committee approval prior to initiating any human embryonic or adult stem cell research.

Preparing your AUP

After your AUP is approved by the ACUC

  • Request ACUC inspection of your space
  • Remember: No changes in funding, animal numbers, species, personnel or animal use procedures may be made without prior review and approval by the ACUC. Proposed changes must be submitted in the form of an amendment to your protocol and be approved by the ACUC before being undertaken.

Please download our Quick Guide to Animal Research for basic information about the relevant offices and services that are available on campus to help you in your research!